Sweet Home Season 3 (2024)

Sweet Home Season 3 (2024)

Other name: 스위트홈 시즌3 스위트홈3 甜蜜家园 3 スウィートホーム 3 Seuwiteuhom Sijeun 3 Seuwiteuhom 3 Sweet Home S3 Sweet Home 3 Милый дом Сезон 3 สวีทโฮม 3


The never-ending monsterization crisis. Hyeon Su, consumed by monsters, tries to regain his human self. Nam Sang Won, who entered Pyeon Sang Uk's body, visits the survivors' stadium with a group of people to achieve his goal. And unlike the previous rules, they put forward an unconventional condition to provide convenience to those with symptoms. Stadiums are no longer safe spaces, and people are confused. Meanwhile, Eun Hyeok, who was reborn from the cocoon, appears in a new form... Season 3, which will mark the finale of the desperate struggle of those who are faced with a choice between the border between monsters and humans.

(Source: Korean =Netflix Korea)

Adapted from the webtoon “Sweet Home” (스위트홈) by Kim Carnby (김칸비) and Hwang Young Chan (황영찬).

Episodes: 8

Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)

Airs On: Friday

Original Network: Netflix;

Director: Lee Eung Bok [이응복]

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2024

Genre: Action; Drama; Horror; Monster; Sci-fi; Supernatural;

Airs: Jul 19, 2024

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